In a tough economy, fundraising becomes more difficult; People do not have extra money to spend, resulting in conventional fundraising methods generating fewer dollars than normal.

Gold-selling parties are fun, easy, and very profitable. We will organize a gold buying event at which your participants can sell their unwanted gold and jewelry for top dollar. We will donate 10% of our total purchases to you in cash. For example, if we buy $10,000 worth of gold and other precious metals at your event, we will donate $1,000!

Our event coordinator will work with you to customize your fundraiser. We will provide you with invitations and other marketing materials to ensure the success of your organization's event.

Examples of fundraisers we service include:

  • Church, Synagogue, Mosque and Other Religious Group Fundraisers
  • Little League & Other Sporting Fundraisers
  • School Fundraisers
  • Health-Related Fundraisers
  • Many Others
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