What is a home party?

We bring the party to you! We organize a party at your home at which your friends bring unwanted gold and jewelry to sell. Your guests are thrilled because they will leave with a pocket full of money, and they will have a great time in the process. Your guests will thank youfor helping them get top dollar for their unwanted gold and jewelry.

Host Incentives
So what's in it for you? Lots! For hosting a home party, you will receive the following:

  • 10% Commission on all purchases - The average host makes over
  • $500 in commission alone!
  • We provide money for food and beverages for the party
  • $25 for each guest that books their own home party at your event
  • $125 bonus if 20 or more guests attend and sell their gold

We make it easy! - Our event coordinator will take care of all of the details. We provide you paper and email invitations to send your friends.

"For information on how home parties work, or to book your home party today,
call us at 609-929-1588

Gold Parties

How it works & Frequently asked questions

Above all else, a gold-selling home party is fun. What other home party can people attend where there's no pressure to buy anything?! And better yet,they leave with cash.

How does this work?

The process is simple - we separate each person's gold by carat (10k, 14k,18k, etc). We then weigh each group on a special jeweler's scale. Each group has a specific price which is derived from the current day's stock market value. We calculate the total and explain the breakdown to the guest, at which point they can decide to sell any or all gold that they chose. There is absolutely no pressure to sell, and everything is explained in detail right in front of them.
And yes, we remove gemstones!

Will I have to buy something at the party?

There is absolutely nothing to buy. Our motto is "leave your checkbook at home, you're leaving with cash".

Will I earn money hosting my own gold party?

Yes! You receive 10% of whatever we buy at your party. The reason we pay 10% to our hosts is because this represents our budgeted marketing allowance. Whether we spend that money advertising in a newspaper and paying for a hotel conference room, or whether we give it to a host, it's the same amount for us. Although we also own stores, and host many hotel events, we love home parties the most, because this 10% goes directly to an actual person and not just to a large company.

So for example if we buy $5000 in gold at your party, you will receive $500. We also give you $25 to pay for food and beverages for your party. Plus, you will receive $25 for each person at your party who decides to host a party of their own. If 4 people book parties, you receive an extra $100.

How do I notify guests about my party? Do I have to send out invitations?

We make it simple! We provide you with top quality, tasteful invitations that explain exactly how it works. We also send you ad email-able invitation that you can quickly and easily forward to your guests. Then, we stay in touch with you before your party to answer any questions that come up, send you more invitations if need be, and to confirm the total expected number of guests so we can arrive to your party prepared.

Why guests love coming to a gold party?

Most home parties require guests to spend money buying items they may not have otherwise wanted or needed. Still, many people come to these parties either out of obligation, or simply to enjoy an evening with friends. A gold party is the exact reverse – imagine inviting your friends over to a free party in which instead of asking them to come SPEND money, you help them to MAKE money?! And since just about everyone has unwanted and broken gold jewelry, it's appealing to almost everybody.

What do we do with the gold?

After the party, we melt out the impurities in the gold, pour them into mold form, weigh and stamp each newly formed gold bar, and then get each group of bard ready to be traded as a commodity.

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